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Hoagland Meat

Bone-In Prime Rib - 10 lb.

Bone-In Prime Rib - 10 lb.

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Get ready to elevate your family dinner with Prime Rib, a masterpiece of flavor and tenderness. Crafted from responsibly-raised, local beef, grass-fed and grain finished, freshly butchered and delivered to your door.  Our prime rib comes in both bone-in and boneless selections, ensuring there's a perfect choice for every gathering. Here are some of the benefits to choosing Bone-in Prime Rib; 

  • Offers enhanced flavor and juiciness due to bones.
  • Provides an impressive presentation as a centerpiece.
  • Preferred by traditionalists who enjoy the challenge of carving.
  • Adds depth to gravies and au jus with bone-in cooking.
  • Appeals to those who appreciate the rustic, old-fashioned charm.

Each succulent cut is carefully hand-trimmed and expertly aged to perfection. 

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