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Hoagland Meat

Custom Processing - Harvest/Kill Appointment

Custom Processing - Harvest/Kill Appointment

Add the number of cows you wish to bring and click "Book Now" to select the date.

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Choose the date you would like to schedule!

We typically harvest every other Friday.  We can currently handle 30 head of cattle each time.  Click the buttons above to select the number of cows you would like to bring in and to view the calendar and select a date. 

If the date is full, it will not show as available on the calendar.  When this is the case, please choose the next available date.  

Add the number of cows you wish to bring on that date and enter your information.  If you need help, or if you have questions, please call our office at 208-337-3648.

You need to drop them off before the Friday selected. 

Thursday is the preferred day.  Call us if you need to drop cattle on a different day.

You are committing to the charge!

The charge is $100.00 per head.  This can be paid in advance or with your charges for custom cutting and wrapping.

If you reserve a spot, you are committing to the $100 charge.  If you fail to show up, having used up spots that others could have used, we will charge the $100.  So please only book time slots you are certain to use.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, please call us at 208-337-3648.

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