Smokey Beef Back Ribs

Smokey Beef Back Ribs

Hoagland Meat and Red Beards BBQ have come together to bring you:

Smokey Beef Back Ribs

Trust us when we say Red Beards BBQ knows what they are talking about when it comes to ribs! Scott Bramhall was kind enough to meet with us and teach us some incredible rib tips! He has such a passion for grilling and sharing what he's learned with those just starting on their BBQ Journey. Come along with us below as we share with you his recipe, tips and tricks, for grilling up the most delicious Back Ribs!
Learn more about Red Beards BBQ and their story here:

  • 1 Rack of Hoagland Meat Back Ribs
  •  W Sauce or any good Worcestershire sauce
    • Alternatives: water or mustard
  • Seasoning options:
    • Salt, pepper, and garlic combination
    • Heath Riles Garlic Butter or Beef Rub



  Cook Time: 3-6 hours total
  • To get started, coat the ribs with W sauce or any good Worcestershire sauce. You can use water, mustard, etc., but I’m trying to add flavor vs just something to help the rub stick.
  • Seasonings: Since the meat is much different than pork ribs or plate ribs, you are going to want to make sure you don’t overdo the rub. It shouldn’t be too thick. 
    • SPG (salt pepper garlic) works great or I like Heath Riles Garlic butter or beef rub. It's a nice SPG rub with some paprika and spices for great color but isn’t a hot rub or anything. It’s not pepper-forward so if you love black pepper, add in a sprinkle of 16-mesh black pepper first.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes at minimum but no need for overnight or anything here.
  • Temperature: I recommend 250-275 degrees
  • Pellet type: Go with a hickory, mesquite, etc. Do not use a fruit wood on this type of cook.
  • Spritz: Use water or a Worcestershire/water mix to spritz the ribs after 90 minutes and every 30 minutes or so or as needed. This helps prevent the meat from being overly crunchy and drying out. It also adds more flavor!
  • Smoke: Smoke for 2-3 hours until the bark (outer layer) is crispy. If you probe the temperature between the bones you should be around 170 degrees. If higher don’t worry.
  • Wrap: This always sparks a debate on no wrap, butcher paper, or aluminum. If the rub you chose is not pepper-heavy, go with butcher paper to save your bark. Double-wrap the ribs in whatever wrap you choose and add in enough beef broth or tallow to make everything moist. I recommend tallow over broth if it is available to you. You need just enough moisture to keep it from drying out.
  • The internal temperature will drop throughout this process - don't worry! Let it smoke until tender. This can take another 2-3 hours depending on multiple factors but the most important thing is let the meat talk to you. Don’t pull the ribs just because it’s 200-plus degrees. Every piece of meat is different but the one thing in common is when tenderness will happen but the final degree may be different from cook to cook.
  • Rest: Let the ribs rest 20 minutes to an hour and enjoy!



More Information:

Beef back ribs are an economical cut of meat that comes from the underside of one of the most popular cuts of beef. The Rib Roast or more commonly known as Prime Rib. 

However, you can take a big rack of beef back ribs and have some delicious bites. The bones and scraps afterward are great for making homemade bone or beef broth. 

Happy grilling from Hoagland Meat and Red Beards BBQ!


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