Idaho Beef Month: The Hoagland Family History

Idaho Beef Month: The Hoagland Family History

In honor of Idaho Beef Month, we're excited to take you on a journey through the rich history of the Hoagland Family and the birth of Hoagland Meat!

For the Hoagland family, the dream of offering USDA-inspected custom beef processing and providing their community with locally sourced beef was a long-held aspiration. That dream was realized in the spring of 2022 with the acquisition of Owyhee Meat Co. However, the Hoagland family's connection to the cattle industry goes back over seven decades, and their story is deeply intertwined with the history of southern Idaho.

Throughout their history, the Hoagland family has maintained a strong connection with local farmers and ranchers. They've been a reliable source for purchasing calves and cows, and their commitment extends beyond just raising cattle. From providing top-notch feed to assisting law enforcement in recovering stolen animals, the Hoagland family has remained true to their values and principles.

Today, Rex and Karen Hoagland have taken up residence at the Walking Plow Ranch, overseeing daily cattle operations and supporting Lita in maintaining the family's legacy. Their acquisition of Owyhee Meat Co., managed by their son JD Hoagland, has opened up new horizons for expanding their cattle operations and sharing the bounty of Idaho's beef with the local community.

But it's not just about raising high-quality beef; it's also about collaboration. The Hoagland family partners with responsible ranchers in Idaho and eastern Oregon to ensure that you and your family have access to nutritious local beef. When you choose Hoagland Meat products, you're not just enjoying a delicious meal; you're also contributing to the sustainability of local ranchers and the heritage of southern Idaho.

Idaho Beef Month is a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of families like the Hoaglands. It highlights the importance of supporting local ranchers and appreciating the quality beef produced in the region. The history of Idaho ranching is rich and storied, with families like the Hoaglands playing a pivotal role in its development. From the early days of homesteading to the modern practices of today, Idaho ranchers have consistently upheld values of sustainability, quality, and community.

From their family to yours, the Hoagland family eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve you for many more years to come. It's a journey that began generations ago and continues to evolve, but at its core, it's a story of dedication, quality, and a deep love for the land and its bounty. As we celebrate Idaho Beef Month, let's remember and honor the legacy of Idaho ranchers and the delicious, high-quality beef they bring to our tables.

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I believe it was in 2021 Progressive Cattlemen put out the top 50 counties in America on number of beef cattle in each county, Owyhee county was number 44 on that list. That is huge and very inspiring to know. As many people travel across Owyhee county they need to look at the high desert country our cattlemen and women run on to reduce the fuel loads that grow every spring and try too utilize it to control the growth and fire danger. Our ranchers in Owyhee county and all the Notthwest work hard to utilize this feed that would otherwise burn in the summer and make for undesirable ground. As we celebrate our country nf freedoms we should look to these ranchers that work hard to improve the ground they run on the years that their families have managed this ground to make it better. I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration with family and friends. God Bless America.


We ate our first T bone steak yesterday that we got from you. Oh my goodness but did it taste the best! Why would we want to go out and spend $75+ on a restaurant steak, that doesn’t even come close in taste flavor and texture as yours?! Thank you for providing the best beef we’ve ever had!

Terri B

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