Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Check out the awesome things that our customers are saying! We appreciate all the kind words and support! 

5 stars - Amazing service and exceptional beef - By Michael M.

"Invested in our first Family box and could not be more pleased with every cut and chuck my family and I have consumed. Had a mix up delivery address while out of town the driver was super understanding and drove across to the correct address. Hoagland Meat has our business moving forward."

5 stars - Really great experience! - By Rebecca F.

"I was very impressed with the entire experience of ordering a box of meat from Hoagland! The website was extremely easy to use, and well laid-out. Communication was extremely good, and the delivery happened exactly when it was projected to arrive. The meat was SO good and was much higher quality than what you get in the store. I highly recommend this place!"

5 stars - My first order - By John A.

"The meat was delivered on time we cooked the fillets and t bones first very good quality meat we had some of the best steaks ever my wife is very picky about her fillets and they turned awesome I will be buying more meat this way for us buying in bulk is much better I can plan meals easier instead of hoping to find quality meats at the grocery store I’ve found good quality beef at a decent price and delivered thank you Hoagland I will definitely be ordering more thanks and happy holidays 😎"

5 stars - How Fantastic!! - By HLavoie

"Great fresh meat, great price and free local delivery you can't beat it!! This fresh meat is the real deal and far surpasses meat from Albertsons or Winco! We get the 85 ground beef 10lbs package and it is so fresh and doesn't have the gross add ins that Albertsons or Winco grind into their meat as a filler! Definitely recommend!!"


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