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Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648
Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648

The Family box (Approx. 14lbs)

The Family box (Approx. 14lbs)

Original price $192.50 - Original price $192.50
Original price
$192.50 - $192.50
Current price $192.50

(4) Ground Beef Packs 1.5 lbs each

(1) Flank Steak

(4) Steaks (Put in the notes which you prefer or leave blank and be surprised)

(1) Roast

(Approx. 14 lbs)

*Price Includes Delivery* Tax not included* $204.05 at checkout

Introducing our remarkable Family Box, a culinary delight designed to bring joy to your family meals. Packed with a variety of delectable cuts, this thoughtfully curated box ensures that you have everything you need to create memorable and flavorful dishes for your loved ones.

Inside the Family Box, you'll find a selection of premium meats that cater to different culinary preferences. It includes four packs of our finest ground beef, perfect for crafting mouthwatering burgers, meatballs, or hearty pasta sauces. The box also features a tender and flavorful flank steak, ideal for grilling or stir-frying to create delicious, savory dishes.

To add even more variety to your family's dining experience, we've included four choice steaks, each boasting exceptional quality and flavor. Whether you prefer to pan-sear, grill, or broil them, these steaks are sure to impress every palate around the dinner table.

Additionally, the Family Box includes a roast, the centerpiece of a delightful Sunday dinner or a special occasion feast. Its succulent tenderness and rich taste make it a true crowd-pleaser, perfect for creating unforgettable family moments.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Murray
Amazing service and exceptional beef

Invested in our first Family box and could not be more pleased with every cut and chuck my family and I have consumed. Had a mixup delivery address while out of town the driver was super understanding and drove across to the correct address. Hoagland Meat has our business moving forward.

Patrick Keller
Great experience!

Delicious meat. Fast, reliable local company.