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Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648
Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648

The Ground Beef Box 10lbs

The Ground Beef Box 10lbs

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Original price
$61.23 - $61.23
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10 lbs of 85/15 Ground Beef

(Each Packet of Ground Beef is 1.5 lbs so you receive 7 packets)

*Price Includes Delivery* Tax not included* $64.90 at checkout

Introducing our 85/15 Ground Beef Box, a culinary delight that strikes the perfect balance between flavor and juiciness. Each box features high-quality ground beef with an 85% lean-to-fat ratio, ensuring a rich, savory taste while retaining just enough fat for moist and succulent results. Perfect for a wide range of recipes, from classic burgers to hearty meat sauces, this ground beef box is a versatile and delicious choice that will satisfy your culinary cravings. With 10 pounds of premium 85/15 ground beef, you'll have plenty to create mouthwatering dishes for your family and friends to enjoy.  

Our 85/15 Ground Beef is always signified with a red tag. Lean Ground Beef will be signified by a blue tag. 

Sourced from local farms, our ground beef is always fresh, and carefully ground to ensure the perfect texture and flavor in every bite. Our commitment to quality means that our beef is always grass-fed and free of hormones and antibiotics, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your body. And with a price that can't be beat, there's no reason not to stock up on the best ground beef around.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
michael barrett
Great product

Great meat delivered fast. Only way to get your beef

How Fantastic!!

Great fresh meat, great price and free local delivery you can't beat it!! This fresh meat is the real deal and far surpasses meat from Albertsons or Winco! We get the 85 ground beef 10lbs package and it is so fresh and doesn't have the gross add ins that Albertsons or Winco grind into their meat as a filler! Definitely recommend!!

Lynn Ward
Best beef

Tastes like beef should!
Great service. Delivery was on time.
Have recommended it to family and friends.

Karla Harvey
Excellent Meat!

The meat is exceptional! Their service is so fast. 100% satisfaction, I will be a return customer.

Henry Press
Only buy Hoagland ground beef

Always look forward to meal with your ground beef. Taste, smell, texture cookability just the best for me and my family.