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Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648
Have questions about our beef, SNAP payment, customer portal, etc.? Call us at (208) 337-3648

About Us

We have dreamed of the day to offer USDA inspected custom beef processing, as well as our beef to local customers and now it is here with the acquisition of Owyhee Meat Co. in the spring of 2022. The Hoagland family has been in the cattle industry for over 70 years.  The first Hoagland in our family line to settle in southern Idaho was in the early 1900’s.

By 1953, Ray & Faye Hoagland (around 40 years old) purchased 180-acre farm on Rabbit Creek in Owyhee County from Wes Paynter.  Wes’s cattle brand was W/P and this remains our brand to this day. Shortly after that, Ray purchased another ranch on the snake river just down from Walter’s Ferry.  This is where Jim & Lita Hoagland would settle and raise three children, Steve, Rex, and Debbie.

Over the years, the Hoagland family has worked with local farmers and ranchers by purchasing their calves and cows. From finishing cattle on quality feed to assisting law enforcement to help recover stolen animals, the Hoagland family has always stayed disciplined to keeping integrity in our work.

Rex and Karen Hoagland settled on Walking Plow Ranch and support Lita with the daily cattle operation as the family business continues. Rex and Karen’s family purchase of Owyhee Meat Co., which is managed by son JD Hoagland, provides the opportunity to further the cattle operation to the beautiful families of southern Idaho. 

Today, the Hoagland family not only continues to raise high quality beef, but also works with other responsible ranchers in Idaho and eastern Oregon to provide you and your family with nutritious local beef. By purchasing product from Hoagland Meat, you are contributing to the sustainability of our local ranchers. From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you for many years to come!