Custom Processing Done Right

Do you have cattle you would like to process and package for your own stock or for your own clients?

Join dozens of other local ranchers who process their cattle through Hoagland Meat!

Why choose Hoagland Meat:

  • USDA certified plant:  We maintain the highest standards.
  • Complete tracking of your meat:  We will share with you all vital numbers, such as the hanging weight, total yield, and more.  Most importantly, you will leave with the meat you brought us.
  • The cuts you want:  You’ll specify what you want for each order.  Our experts will provide you with the best cuts of your choice.  Our clients love the way we cut their meat!
  • Professional packaging:  Vacuum sealed, chubs or boxes of the size you specify, frozen, or otherwise packaged the way you specify.
  • Professional private labeling - Your name and logo will be on each package, complete with USDA requirements and details.
  • We are easy to deal with and we do what we say.
  • We are your neighbors, in the same business you are!

Five Simple Steps:

  1. Set up an account.  Contact our plant at 208-337-3648.  Press extension 4.  We will need to get some information for your account, including the name and logo you want on your labels.  The labels will be set up in our system and you’ll be given samples to approve.  We need you to sign some forms, and we'll also need your business tax ID and reseller’s license.  Once your account is set up and active, you'll be able to proceed to the next steps as often as needed.
  2. Schedule a kill date and pay the kill fees up front.  We typically kill on Fridays.  We do tend to have the next couple weeks booked out, but there are generally  plenty of times available.  To schedule time for your cattle, click the button below.  We charge $100 per head for the kill fee.  
  3. Fill out your Cut Sheets to specify how you want the meat cut.  We will call you to go over the cut sheets and the charges for your order.  We will send you an invoice at this time.
  4. After aging, we will begin cutting and packaging your beef.  When we begin cutting, we'll schedule time for pick up or delivery, typically within a week after we start cutting.
  5. Your invoice will go out to you again, and payment will be due.  You will then be able to pick up your meat.
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Call 208-337-3648 to Get Started!

We thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to working with you!